Login Logistics USA
9350 NW 108th Ave Suite 110 Doors: 19 to 30
Medley – FL 33178 – USA
1-786-336-9920 / 9929

Login Logistics USA is the right partner for your company when you need innovative solutions, economy, agility, commitment, and results.

We are present in the United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany and with representatives and partners in all continents.

what we offer

Exclusive and fractional cargo

Get in touch, let’s talk about your project and present the best solutions for the success of your business.

Exclusive cargo transport

We have several cargo transportation options to suit your company's exact need.

Movement of cargo

Movement of cargo refers to any type of movement of the cargo from the starting point to the final destination.


Login Logistics USA has 65,000 sqf of high quality and modern facilities to accommodate our customers' products.


Fulfillment Solutions

We manage the entire process; from the time a product sales
confirmation arrives to the delivery of all your online sales.

Let's get started

What we need to know to start working together

Tell us about your project - For the Fulfillment area

1. About products

Login Logistics USA will need to know which products your company will sell, a description, SKU, size, weight and the amount we should expect to receive each month.

2. About the amount

What amount of products are in stock and what is their monthly worth?

3. About sales

What are the expected daily and monthly sales amounts? How many lines are there per sale order and what are the items per line?

4. About additional services

Will you need additional services? Gift wrapping, ticketing, assembly.

Getting the details

1. Contact

Contact us by phone or e-mail. We will schedule an online or in-person meeting to discuss your project.

2. Meeting

We'll chat and learn about the details of your project, covering the four questions asked above - about your project, inventory, sales and added services.

  • United States – Miami

    9350 NW 108th Ave Suite 110
    Doors: 19 to 30
    Medley - FL 33178 - USA
    Phone: 1 786 336-9920 / 9929
    Fax: 1 305 715-7055
  • In addition to our headquarters in the United States, Login Logistics USA, has logistical support points in different American cities.

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