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Freight Forwarder & Fulfillment Services

With companies in the United States, Brazil, Uruguay and Germany and representatives and partners in various other strategic points on all continents, Login Logistics USA offers global services with experienced and qualified professionals to provide efficient and secure transport services.

Login Logistics USA offers services for shipping and receiving fractional or exclusive loads of any size as well as maritime, air, road, rail and inland waterway transport with door-to-door, port-to-port, special transport, and storage services, in addition to full customs support.

what we offer

Exclusive and fractional cargo

Exclusive cargo transport

Where the entire vehicle or container is dedicated to the cargo of a single contractor.

Fractional cargo transport

Where cargo from different contractors are transported at the same time, in a single vehicle or container.

Cargo transport

Air transport
Login Logistics USA air transport is generally used by customers who need urgency delivery. Air transport can be on passenger planes, cargo planes with fractional service or charters.


Maritime transport
Maritime transport accounts for a large share of foreign trade transport services. Currently, it is responsible for about 90% of cargo transport worldwide, due to its more competitive cost compared to air.


Road transport
Login Logistics USA road transport is characterized by the ease of delivery of goods over short and medium distances. It offers agility and flexibility in moving freight.


Rail transport
National and international rail transport usually has the lowest cost compared to other modes of transport, but without route flexibility.


Multimodal transport
Cargo transport in a single load or vehicle, using a combination of road/rail modes.


Cargo transport /“Projects"
Login Logistics USA is recognized for providing transport services for extra-large items with non-standard sizes such as engines, equipment and boats, among others.


Special transport and customs transit
The transport of national or nationalized goods, following the process of release for export from the origin to the destination, for shipment or storage in a bonded area for subsequent shipment; the transport of foreign goods for re-export from the place of origin to the destination, for shipment or storage in a bonded area for subsequent shipment; the transit through customs of foreign, national or nationalized goods, verified or dispatched for re-export or export and carried in a vehicle destined for another country.

Movement of cargo

Movement of cargo refers to any type of movement of the cargo from the starting point to the final destination. Login Logistics USA plans the transport of the cargo from the origin, ensuring accuracy and cost and time savings, with the service performed and coordinated by professionals, according to the type of transport service you prefer.  


- Door to Door – Cargo is picked up at the door where your products are stored and delivered to the door of the final destination.

It includes all logistics (contracting freight, insurance, customs clearance, transport) to the delivery at the door of the desired location.

Characteristics: The exporter transports the empty container to the location of the goods and arranges its shipment. The importer transports the container to its premises, empties it and returns it to the shipping company/owner.


- Door to Port – At the unloading port, the container is emptied by the ship owner, who takes immediate possession of it, while the goods are delivered or placed at the disposal of the consignee.


- Port to Door - When the goods are containerized at the port at the time of shipment and delivered at the port of destination.


- Port to Port – When the goods are containerized at the port at the time of shipment and removed from the container after disembarking.


Login Logistics USA has 65,000 sqf of high quality and modern facilities to accommodate our customers' products.

Login's warehouse has 12 elevated docks and an inbound and outbound ramp.

The space for containers is in a dedicated patio area.


Login's warehouse can store pelletized products on racks and in blocked areas, with products on shelves for individual picking.


Login Logistics USA has CCTV monitoring to monitor the entire process and keeps recorded images for a determined period for any future need.


Login Logistics USA offers warehousing for:
- Cargo in transit, bonded cargo and traditional export goods

- Cargo for general supply (B2B, B2C, export, import, cross docking and crossborder).

- Long term storage

- Space for companies to use the services of Login Logistics USA as a warehouse for their company


FDA Approval
Login Logistics USA is approved to handle products with FDA requirements.


Login Logistics USA offers a complete fulfillment service that is optimized to handle the entire sales order fulfillment process, from when your customer places an order and ending when they receive the product at the destination, optimizing time and costs for your company.


We manage the entire process, from the moment the product sales confirmation arrives to the delivery of all your online sales.


A logistics solution with trained personnel and modern technology that ranges from when a company transfers its inventory, in whole or in part, to the Login Logistics USA distribution center for storage, picking, packaging, labeling, dispatching, notice to the customer that the order is on its way, tracking and the pickup of returned goods, where necessary.

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