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Fulfillment Solutions

Login Logistics USA offers a complete fulfillment service for the entire chain , from when your customer confirms an order, whether in a marketplace of your choice, on your website or in your company’s management system, to when the customer receives the product at the final destination, optimizing time and costs for your company.

We manage the entire process; from the time a product sales confirmation arrives to the delivery of all your online sales.

A logistics solution with trained staff and modern technology that ranges from when a company transfers its inventory, in whole or in part, to the Login Logistics USA distribution center for storage, picking, packing, labeling, shipping, notifying the customer that the order is on its way, tracking and pickup of returned goods, if necessary.

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Optimized inventory management

Receipt and storage of products

Order picking

As soon as the sales order is generated, the location of the product in inventory and picking for shipment is authorized


Once separated, the item is packed properly


Printing and application of labels, whether from your company, marketplace or courier, to identify the end customer

Delivery and pickup management

We use tracking and routing technologies

Tracking & Tracing

We ensure your customers' happiness and satisfaction by keeping them informed of the delivery status


We also manage the return of goods

we optimize time and cost

Efficient technology and processes

Fulfillment solutions

Login Fulfillment works in a technology-enabled “Third Party Logistics” 3PL environment. We use our own software in our automated service network for a seamless experience for everyone involved. 

Our services help you optimize time and costs and are designed to provide a logistics experience that exceeds your customers' expectations.


- Order fulfillment

- FBM – Fulfillment by Merchant: preparation for shipping of products from Login Logistics USA warehouses to the customer.

- FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon: sending inventory to Amazon.

- WFS - Walmart Fulfillment Services: sending inventory to Walmart.

- Inventory control

- Picking and packing

- Gift wrapping option

- Labeling, inclusion of documents

- Cross border – We ship anywhere in the world

- Management of delivery to your customer


- One inventory, different marketplaces
Login Logistics USA's Fulfillment service allows you to keep an inventory for multiple marketplaces. With your inventory  at Login Logistics USA, you can sell to numerous marketplaces, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Wayfair, among others, unlike when you leave your product in one of these marketplaces, where it will only be available on a single e-commerce platform.
- Everything in one place

Login Logistics USA also has a “freight forward” department to assist you in the entire process of importing and/or exporting your products from anywhere in the world to one of Login Logistics' warehouses.

- Infrastructure, trained staff

- Licenses and accounts with major transporters

- Integration with different marketplaces

- High investment in technology

- Real-time information

- Global presence

- Knowledge of the American market

- The certainty of excellent service - SLA - Service Level Agreement


- Why invest in renting a warehouse to store your merchandise, hire staff, pay for insurance, get permits and perform maintenance when you can have it all at a lower cost using our services?

- Login Logistics USA also offers a Co-working Warehouse service for people who want to rent space in our warehouses with all the infrastructure so that their team can be in the same place, taking care of business while Login Logistics takes care of your logistics operation.


With representatives on all continents and companies in the United States, Brazil, Germany and Uruguay, Login Logistics USA also has a "Freight Forward" department for freight forwarding and customs brokering to assist you in the entire process to import and /or export your products from anywhere in the world to one of Login's warehouses.

Inventory control

Login Logistics offers inventory control services for your products from the entry at our warehouses to the exit of your product to your customer. We use barcode reading to capture the product EAN/UPC/SKU code.

Picking & Packing

Your sales orders are received through integration, automatic template or via CSV files with customer, product and quantity data. Our system informs the location where our picker should do the reading and the quantity to fulfill the sales order.

Following this process, the box or envelope is prepared for shipping with tracking and delivery labels.

Shipping and delivery

- Login Logistics is integrated with the main transport, courier and trucking companies, so your company can use our solution or your own account. In either case, everyone has access to track the goods in transit until delivery.

- Login Logistics delivers your product anywhere in the world. We offer cross border services to serve your customer anywhere in the world.

Integration - Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart

- Integration with marketplaces, shopping carts and couriers - Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart

Login Logistics is connected and integrated with the main marketplaces such as Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart, among others, and e-commerce, shopping carts and transport service companies such as Fedex, DHL, Amazon and the US mail, among others.

- Real-time updates.

- Login Logistics USA updates marketplaces with the inventory at all times, keeping your inventory movements up to date.

- Receive sales orders and tracking number of your sales.

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